A tribute to Walter Chiari

“I want to thank my friend Alberto Di Grazia (see the article about 130 ambulance) to gave me this interesting article about Walter Chiari and his 130 2800. It was so many year I was looking for it.
But, who was Walter Chiari? He was a great artist and a very clever and brilliant man that gave laugh, happiness and nice time to all Italians (and not only) free of charge. And he has surrounded his class always with thin irony and never with vulgarity
It’s a pleasure to see his beautiful smile with his wife Alida Chelli.
Walter Chiari loved “beauty” in its higher sense: women, places and, obviously, Fiat 130
The one in the picture is a 2.8 that means is around 70 (we don’t know name and date of this article), year in which their unique son Simone was born
Simone (other great artist) collect perfectly all the artistic chromosomes of his parent
It was clear that a great artist as Walter Chiari obviously appreciated Fiat 130, a car that was an icon of the Italian class and style
Where this car is now? We’ll try to use the plate to discover and we’ll keep you update”

Edoardo Ferrero

Walter Chiari & Fiat 130 Walter Chiari & Fiat 130 Walter Chiari & Fiat 130 Walter Chiari & Fiat 130 Walter Chiari & Fiat 130

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