Someone said that three clues make a test, or more properly, three pieces of evidence. Pretty true
A marvelous Region, a beautiful City and a fantastica car together are the perfect set for a perfect day.
Sardegna, Cagliari and a Fiat 130. Agatha Christie was right. Three pieces of evidence.

By pure coincidence, while I was updating #fiat130register profile on Instagram, I saw a gorgeous pic of a 130 going to a go-go around Cagliari.
Ca va sans dir, my investigative activity has started immediately, like a truffle dog……. strange thing that happen to me since more than 40 years only.
So I had another pleasant discovery: the extremely kind personnel of ARST S.p.A, that mean the Company that moves the beautiful Isle.
Yes, the Company that manage regional public transportation (train, urban and extra urban buses, tube) owns a fantastic Fiat 130 saloon 2800.
Fantastic not only cause it’s a 130, but cause it’s considered a real icon, the trait d’union between the past and the present of the Company.
Fantastic not only cause it’s a 130, but cause it has a meticulous conservative restoration wanted by the Company Management.
Greeted with the typical Sardinian kindness, I had the 130 at my disposition all day long.
But I had more.

I had the pleasure to be with Mr. Vespa, driver of ARST Management, that drove me in the most beautiful place of Cagliari, having the chance to create a real photobook.
Let’s see the history of 1464, yes chassis number 130A0001464, she was born (or better, she had first plate) the 2 of February 1970. One of the earliest, a really rare 140 CV.
The first owner was Societa’ Strade Ferrate Sarde S.p.A, placed in Rome.
In fact it’s plated Roma F0……that suddenly remind me the famous Carlo Lizzani’s movie “Roma bene”, where a six 130 2.8 parade were visible.
Even if I evaluated a lot of screenshot of this movie, I did not find any evidence that “sardinian beauty” belongs to that parade. But who knows…..
But let’s go back to her history.

Initially was the institutional car of Company’s CEO, Conte Pasquini, but after the Company was put under external administration, 130, since 1971, become the institutional car of Ing. Boccone, extraordinary governmental commissioner.
A life as institutional car, as witnessed by the 50.000 km reported on the odometer.
Probably a true number, in fact the people that know better this 130 history told me the restoration process has been started from a very good basis.
So in 2010, after the acquisition of the former Sardinian railway Companies by Azienda Regionale Sarda Trasporti, the 130 has found a new life.
A perfect restoration and a new activity as a flagship during ARST institutional events (last but not least, new buses of the Cagliari “Sede Automobilistica” opening)
Let’s come back to 1464
Born with black painting and camel fabric interior, 130 is……a 140 (144 to be more precise) HP with automatic gearbox.
The dashboard is the typical “line”, common at that time, but extremely futuristic nowadays. A red “growing line” tell the speed.
Four electric windows, with three switches on the consolle.

Yes, you read well. Two switches on the central console activated lateral front windows separately, and one the rear together.
Automatic search radio with memory, electric antenna and air conditioning. A real “full optional”
There’s also an extra gauge in front of passenger seats. External temperature indicator. Probably an after market.
I also had the privilege to drive around beautiful Cagliari. Everything works fine. Brakes, gearbox and all switches react promptly. In brief, a splendid 53 years old 130.
Of course we gave the “time machine” effect to all Cagliari citizens that, like in a dream, saw 130 passing through Viale Trieste, Via Roma and Cagliari harbor.

Grazie Edoardo Ferrero

A big and warm thanks to all ARST personnel, Drs. Roberta Scanu, Ing. Alessandro Boccone e il Mr. Cristian Vespa