FIAT 130 3,2 liter the book

A very rare book in german, 30 pages of information about both the saloon and coupe 3200. img_1439 img_1440 img_1441 img_1442 img_1443 img_1444 img_1445 img_1446 img_1447 img_1448 img_1449 img_1450 img_1451 img_1452 img_1453 img_1454 img_1455 img_1456 img_1457 img_1458 img_1459 img_1460 img_1461 img_1462 img_1463 img_1464 img_1465 img_1466 img_1467 img_1468 img_1469 img_1470 img_1471 img_1472

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