The recent video appeared on YouTube was a thrill for all 130 lovers and Torino FC supporters. The football player Paolino Pulici, icon of all Torino FC supporters (172 goals scored in 17 years with Torino team and 1 championship won in 1976) has been interviewed in front of one of the plentiful 130 of his President Orfeo Pianelli.

Orfeo Pianelli has been President of Torino FC from 1963 to 1982 and he’s the last President that won a championship with Torino team.

Everybody reminds him as an idol, a marvelous man, and a great entrepreneur.

But for everybody, here in Turin, is THE PRESIDENT Orfeo Pianelli was a real 130 lovers and he had at least 5.

But who was Orfeo Pianelli?

He was a worker, a simple but hard worker, that came in Turin from Mantova and create an industrial empire: the “Pianelli & Traversa” company.


Pianelli & Fiat 130

This is the Pianelli Cube, headquarter of “Pianelli & Traversa” company placed in the first surroundings of Turin


“Pianelli & Traversa” advertisement (mainly automotive overhead conveyors)


Pianelli & Fiat 130
President Pianelli on board of his armored 130 coupe’ celebrated by Torino FC’s supporters.

Also his business partner, Nanni Traversa (also vice-president of the football team, on the left in the pic), drove a 130 coupe, one of the last made with leather interior and aubergine painting (or “granata” color, like Torino FC’s shirt).


Pianelli & Fiat 130
President Pianelli celebrated again by supporters after a match won.


Pianelli & Fiat 130
President Pianelli speaking with some fans out of his coupe


Pianelli & Fiat 130
But sometimes you can lose football match and meet some idiot supporters during a riot (this time with one of his saloon)


Pianelli & Fiat 130

But 130 was already starring of Pianelli’s life in hard moment, like during his 4 years old nephew’s kidnapping.
The kidnappers demanded that the ransom be paid on board the President’s dark blue 130.
Little George returns home sitting in the back seat of his grandfather’s 130.
(in the photo, Pianelli’s driver, Nicola Sciacovelli, brings his nephew home from the kidnapping)

Text by Edoardo Ferrero
A special thank to President’s Pianelli nephew, Dr. George Garbero Pianelli