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The Fiat 130 is from a golden age, when Fiat produced some of the best cars in class in Europe and could hope to compete with a credible offering in the luxury sector. Also available as a coupé, usually supplied as an automatic, the 3.2 litre/160bhp V6, cam in each head engine has nothing to do with the contemporary Ferrari/Fiat Dino unit, but was designed by the great Lampredi to deliver smooth power for the limousine market.

The 130 sold well, especially in Italy, and was well-respected by the motoring press. There is little detail on this example, offered by a dealer in Asturias (fabulous must visit province in Northern Spain), but intriguingly it is claimed to be an armored version. It is also said to be low mileage and one owner, but nothing about current documentation. Built in 1977, this must be one of the last, has A/C, power windows and mirrors and those fabulous Fiat Dino style wheels.

The colour combination is great, the interior looks immaculate (and if not, walk away) and under bonnet also presents as you would hope to find a little used and well-stored relic. Price is good, but be careful, these things can be expensive to fix (though parts are not that difficult and this looks both complete and original). Vendor claims the car is working, needing restoration, but car presents well in the photos so, maybe just a re-commissioning with luck?

Price: 3.800 €

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