The car was in stock at a dealer in Madrid selling exclusive cars. Cars that did not sell in time went to the storage below and were more or less forgotten. Next to this beauty was an other car that makes heats beat faster, a brand new Lamborghini espada, same story, never licenced, never did a single km.
In 1999 a collector from Salamanca bought this brand new and never licenced coupe and added it to his collection. He had some trouble as the customs did not know what to do with a brand new “old” car and what to charge regarding import rights. very sadly enough the owner who was a true 130 fan and had more beautiful 130’s coupe’s and saloons went bankrupt due to the crisis. this coupe was sold in a lot of cars, still trying to find out where it went to, problaby some storage to gain more value like a vintage wine in the dark….

(Posted in 2013)

new fiat130coupe