This time I’d like to share with you a real 130 mystery.
How many 130 station wagon were really built? I mean, how many 130 estate/station wagon/familiar were made by Fiat or coachbuilder (excluded hearse, ambulance camper and so on)?
I’ve token pictures from the web or from my private collection for privacy/trade mark reason, but, above all, to show you the rear left part…..and now I explain you why.
Let’s try to summarize starting from the safe and demonstrable news.

Picture 1: beige with metallic “coffee” roof used by Dr. Umberto Agnelli, showned at Padova fair last 2011, used for several magazine text, actually recovered in Turin in Fiat collection.

Fiat 130 Familiare
Fiat 130 3200 Ex Dr. Umberto Agnelli – esposta Fiera di Padova 2011 – tetto beige metallizzato – collezione Fiat.

Let’s pass to the second one: silver grey, dark red metallic roof, red leather seats, given as a gift by Avvocato Agnelli to one of the greatest italian art restorer. Currently owned by a private family.

Fiat 130 Familiare
Fiat 130 station wagon 3200 – tetto granata metallizzato – collezione privata

Fiat 130 FamiliareFiat 130 Officine Introzzi Lipomo Villa d’Este

Let’s start with the mistery. This (almost) unique picture is about Fiat 130 Villa d’Este (brand used also for other cars, like Fiat Ritmo) built by Officine Introzzi di Lipomo (Co). Look carefully this picture. Look at the rear trunk/door, look the roof/capote and look at the wooden insert (it trespass the front wheel). This is NOT the same 130 in the picture below.

Fiat 130 FamiliareFiat 130 station wagon 3200 Ex Giovanni Agnelli – esposta alla mostra “Le auto dell’Avvocato” – tetto grigio metallizzato, cesto in vimini, inserti in legno sul corpo vettura – collezione privata.

Here we are at gorgeous Fiat 130 station wagon with “wooden basket”, used by Avvocato Agnelli in Saint Moritz, icon of Italian glamour style during 70’s. A couple of year ago was exposed in the “auto dell’Avvocato” exhibition at “Museo dell’Auto” in Turin. Currently owned by a famous Italian car collector.
Now look carefully to the trunk-door, the roof and the wooden insert: they’re two different 130.
A couple of year ago a very beautiful 1/43 model of this last 130 was produced and sold. Actually a lot of confusion was made also in this model: it’s described as “Introzzi – Villa d’Este”

Let’s try to summarize again:”coffee roof” (Umberto Agnelli) “dark red roof” and “wooden basket” (G.Agnelli)should have been produced officially by Centro Stile Fiat. A legend says that another one should have been produced. Silver grey with green roof. Someone saw it in Piaggio’s factory in Pontedera (Pisa). Completely disappeared. Reward to anyone bring us news.

Another curiosity: chassis number (obviously I do not write them for owner’s privacy respect). The first one has a very low ch n° (one of the first of 3200-130B xxx), the second one arrive after almost 2500 number, the third one after other 2000. Almost 4500 ch n° of difference means a production in different moment, quite temporally far each other (also the registration plate demonstrate this fact)

But, surprise, surprise, we have an important update, that probably help us to discover further info about the real Introzzi. A zoom on the plate show us the registration plate: it’s a Wien plate……and the snow on the ground seems to confirm this fact…

Fiat 130 Familiare

At the end nobody knows where real “Villa d’Este Introzzi” is now (hidden, destroyed, owned by a collector or what?). We only know for sure that “Officine Introzzi” does not exist anymore and seems to be hard to find anyone could help us in our “hunt”. Relatives, successors or descendants seems to be disappeared.

Fiat 130 Familiare

Fiat 130 Familiare

Fiat 130 Familiare

Let’s try to discover something new together and solve this mystery?

Text written by Edoardo Ferrero